It has been feeling spring like this week, not sure how long that feeling will last, but it has been good to see the buds on the trees and the ground after all that snow! Even the birds sound like spring may be just around the corner. Even if it isn’t, here is a picture that will make you feel like spring is on it’s way.

My oh my it is cold out there at the moment, not much gardening for me at the mo, I look forlornly out the window at  my garden knowing I can not do much out there. Mind you the gardens do look beautiful in the frost and snow, which is why I am glad I left the seed heads on some of my perennials and grasses, they look stunning in the frost.

This cold snap is set to continue but there are things that I can do inside, like ‘chit’ my seed potatoes and even sow some salad onions and hardy lettuce under cover, and of course, sort out my seed packets ready for planting. I shall leave you with a gorgeous photo of cow parsley in the snow!