Veg planting

Well I have been ‘chitting’ the potatoes and have now planted some in sacks, 1st earlies. I like growing them in sacks as the potatoes come out cleaner and you can keep the plant in the sack to let the other potatoes left to develop. Next to be planted will be 2nd earlies and then I do have some red desiree potatoes that are main crop ones, they will go straight into the ground, as they will need longer to grow. I have sown some spring... Read More

March gardening

Today was a fantastically sunny day, really spring like, lots of big bumblebees flying about and the odd butterfly-hope it doesn’t turn cold again! I have been tidying customers gardens again, clearing away the last of the leaves, pruning some perennials and even tidying up after some hens that churned all the borders up! Everything is now coming into bud, and it is all just waiting in the wings ready to burst open for spring-can’t wait!... Read More