Well this is the wettest drought I ever did see! Rain, Rain,Rain! On the plus side all the plants are looking so healthy & green, they all badly needed a drink, and a lot of the shrubs were looking very yellow. I have managed to get out there this week, even did some mowing which was good, as the lawns were a bit long. Whilst it has been raining I have been tending to my seedlings in the greenhouse and ‘pricking them out’, mainly little... Read More

Spring is here at last

Aah, Spring is here… at last, although it didn’t feel like it today-brrrr!  Walking around the gardens I can see so much that is out now, infact a bit too much is out too early, namely the April-May tulips out a few weeks too quick. Everything will be over together!  All the Daffodils and Narcissus have looked beautiful, I grow the miniature Narcissus, all different sorts of varieties. I am also loving the snakes head ‘Fritillaria... Read More