OOOH Autumn has definately arrived with a bang! Very windy and rainy today so no gardening today, I must say the plants need a really good drink though. I did a planting job the other day and am glad the newly planted border will get a lovely watering in. Instead of gardening I have been thinking about Halloween & started making some wreaths for it. I am putting up a picture of one I made, a small one. It is for sale and if anyone wants one just... Read More

Summer is nearing the end

Well we did get some sunshine in the end, whoopee! The flowers all look wonderful. Now is the time to start thinking about planting the veg patch for Autumn/Winter. Two of the best things to plant right now are Kale & Spinach. With Spinach you can cut tender new growth In Autumn and then leave it in the ground for the later growth in Spring.  Also you can plant onion & garlic bulbs now. Flowers looking good now are Japanese Anemone, smoke... Read More