Snowy snow snow

BRRRR! Lovely ole snow has arrived, must admit although I can not get out there in the gardens it does look beautiful, & it is great going sledging with the kids and a dog, all very funny! The ground underneath is pretty soft though, it wasn’t really frozen enough before it started snowing & so the thermal layer of the snow just keeps the ground soft underneath. Everything does look in suspended animation at the moment & beautiful... Read More

January Gardens

Well 2012 is behind us & 2013 is starting out very mild, I see the bulbs are already poking their little heads out of the ground. I remember this last year & then it got cold in February so I wonder if the same will happen this year. TheĀ HelleboresĀ are starting to show their flowers too, always a lovely sign & I have seen some snowdrops showing too. The witch hazel in my my mums garden always puts on a good show & I shall put some... Read More