Christmas wreaths

Hello it is nearly that time of year again, & so to wreaths. I make Christmas wreaths from scratch, using seed pods/seed heads/foliage from the garden, dried chillies & fruit. If anyone wants to order one I am taking orders now, they are about 14 inches wide, & have a plastic backing on the back to protect your door. They are priced at £40. I will include some pictures of them. Apple & Chillies Wreath Orange Slices &... Read More


Halloween pumpkins! I have mostly been carving them, had great fun doing so too. The weather has been particularly awful, there are lawns to mow but they are so wet but long, I am waiting for a windy but dry day in which to mow them. The storm did blow down a few trees down in Broadbridge Heath, notably a lovely old fig tree & a Eucalyptus, both still had their leaves & so made them heavy so more likely to blow down. Felt very sorry for the... Read More