Summer Gardening

Well Summer is sort of here, not that you would think judging by the changeable weather we are having!

The Veg plot is underway but it is slow I have to say, the Potatoes are doing the best, the Runner Beanshave black fly on them & the Tomato plants are not very big at all. I think it is because the weather has been all over the place & with no consistent heat.

Some of my customers gardens have been looking magnificent though, a lot of it is due to careful pruning & feeding, it really makes a difference. The roses seem to be doing ok this year with many buds, some are flowering the best they have ever done so some customers tell me. The Spring flowers are pretty much over now making way for the vibrant reds, oranges & yellows of Summer, I always view Spring as the lilac, purple time of year.

I will leave you with some pictures of a lovely Rose & Poppy in one of my customers gardenRose DSC_0095.


Beautiful Gardens

I have been so busy I’ve had no time to write my blog. Everybody’s gardens look so beautiful at the moment & that is even before the summer flowers have really started to come out. The Allium’s are looking fantastic, the Azalea’s & Rhododendron’s look particularly colourful & vibrant this year. On the vegetable garden front I have put the Runner Bean plants in, the Potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots, Beetroots out & of course the Sweet Peas. The tomato plants are too small at the moment, hopefully the sun will help them along.

I was watching footage of the Chelsea Flower Show & was awe struck at the show gardens on display, so inspiring, beautiful planting & some amazing water features, there sure is a lot of talent around. Not sure I could handle the stress of designing a display garden but I’d like to think I would come up with a fairly good design, albeit a small one!

Till next time


I’ll leave you with some beautiful pictures of plants from my garden & some customers gardens.



AlliumPoppyEmerging Poppy

Has Spring finally sprung?

I have not written my blog for a while, I have been waiting for the Spring to finally emerge. Even though it feels cold & is windy I think it has finally turned up! There are some beautiful Spring flowers emerging, I just wish the sun would shine for a bit longer!

I have managed to sow some seeds, which definitely felt nice to do. Yesterday I sowed some Cosmos, Sweet Peas, Squash, Tomatoes & Peas. I will wait a little bit longer to sow the Parsnips & Brussel Sprout seeds out doors as the soil is still cold. I have been ‘chitting’ my seed potatoes for a while now but will wait a bit longer to plant out. I have a feeling it will cold for a bit longer.

Till next time,

Spring Crocus

Spring Crocus

Happy Gardening,


New Year Plans

I have not written my blog for a long while. There wasn’t much to report but I did manage to grow some Brussell Sprouts & harvested them Christmas morning for a Christmas dinner & they were beautiful, so much nicer than the shop bought ones. I will be growing some more of those this year. I have quite a few plans for this year. I have been asked by a lovely customer to come up with some planting plans for her garden for a forthcoming wedding. She wants the garden to look especially lovely for that so I am coming up with ideas now. I also have plans to start a wreath making course in the Autumn (already thinking that far ahead!). I have been making Christmas wreaths for a while now & sell them to various customers. I have been thinking of running classes for a while but have been spurred on by speaking to a friend who participated in one in Nov. She wanted to go to one in Horsham so I am running one. I will advertise in the Summer for Autumn.

Spring will be here before we know it & I have already seen some Snowdrops out.

More soon.


winter icicles

winter icicles


Sunset over fieldsWell Autumn seems to be well & truly amongst us, shame about the silly old rain! It is really hindering my clean up work in peoples gardens at the moment. I still have a few lawns to mow, I reckon I could get another couple of cuts in before frosts appear but it is just so wet out there to do anything.  The trees seem to be holding onto their leaves even in the recent gales we have had, some of the colours are truly beautiful.

Basically at them moment I am pruning, cutting back perennials, weeding & soon will be putting in bulbs for Spring, ah what a lovely word Spring!

I have been putting in some plants for customers, something that can still be done as the soil is still warm enough for their roots to start taking.

So many perennials are still flowering & even some annuals, the ‘Cosmos’ I grew are still flowering prolifically & will do until the first frosts, that is why I love them so much- good value!

I have managed to take some excellent photos of winter colours & shall attach a lovely one of sunset colours over our local fields.

Till ‘Winter’