Sunset over fieldsWell Autumn seems to be well & truly amongst us, shame about the silly old rain! It is really hindering my clean up work in peoples gardens at the moment. I still have a few lawns to mow, I reckon I could get another couple of cuts in before frosts appear but it is just so wet out there to do anything.  The trees seem to be holding onto their leaves even in the recent gales we have had, some of the colours are truly beautiful.

Basically at them moment I am pruning, cutting back perennials, weeding & soon will be putting in bulbs for Spring, ah what a lovely word Spring!

I have been putting in some plants for customers, something that can still be done as the soil is still warm enough for their roots to start taking.

So many perennials are still flowering & even some annuals, the ‘Cosmos’ I grew are still flowering prolifically & will do until the first frosts, that is why I love them so much- good value!

I have managed to take some excellent photos of winter colours & shall attach a lovely one of sunset colours over our local fields.

Till ‘Winter’