Blimey, what a scorcher today was, and the hot weather is to continue for the rest of the week I hear.

Now is the time to purchase your spring flowering bulbs and get them planted in – right through October as well. Alliums are great for the spring garden, and you can just leave them in afterwards as well and they will multiply. I will be planting some more tulips again, I really tend to go for the dark crimsons, magenta, and apricot colours, they work so well together.

Other bulbs to put in now are onion/shallot sets and garlic. I always grow mine over winter, they are great to just leave in and cover the ground during the winter months, Leeks are also good to put in now- they break up clay soils and again keep the ground covered. I have also put in some winter broccoli, and have autumn potatoes in big pots, so I can bring them into the greenhouse during the frosts.

I have been really hard at work recently, everyones lawns are growing at a mad rate! Soon those leaves will be falling and I will be sweeping, sweeping, sweeping!!

Till next time

Lucy@ Lucys Gardens