Happy Halloween from the garden!

Not the best of weather for trick ‘n’ treating but I shall carve out my pumpkin anyway, I already have some knarled looking gourds decorating the hanging basket by my front door. I have been mostly tidying up for customers, the leaves are falling at a much quicker rate this year & I think they will have all fallen by mid beg/mid Nov, I have noticed that one half of the trees have shed their leaves, and then the next week the other half has fallen. There also seems to be alot more moss around as well this year, more than likely due to the wet summer we had. I am wondering what sort of winter we will have, the weather centre says it will be a harsh Arctic like winter but we just don’t know. November is the best time to plant any tulip bulbs you have, they like it when the weather turns colder. Next time I will mention the tulips I will be planting.

Till then I leave you with a picture of Halloween decoration and Pumpkins!