New Year Plans

I have not written my blog for a long while. There wasn’t much to report but I did manage to grow some Brussell Sprouts & harvested them Christmas morning for a Christmas dinner & they were beautiful, so much nicer than the shop bought ones. I will be growing some more of those this year. I have quite a few plans for this year. I have beenĀ asked by a lovely customer to come up with some planting plans for her garden for a forthcoming wedding. She wants the garden to look especially lovely for that so I am coming up with ideas now. I also have plans to start a wreath making course in the Autumn (already thinking that far ahead!). I have been making Christmas wreaths for a while now & sell them to various customers. I have been thinking of running classes for a while but have been spurred on by speaking to a friend who participated in one in Nov. She wanted to go to one in Horsham so I am running one. I will advertise in the Summer for Autumn.

Spring will be here before we know it & I have already seen some Snowdrops out.

More soon.


winter icicles

winter icicles