Beautiful Hanging Baskets

What is your hanging basket service?

I can make up hanging or wall baskets for customers with compost, plants & even the basket itself if needs be. I will ask the customer what kind of plants they might like & colour scheme they would prefer. I can deliver it to them as well.

Do you make hanging baskets from scratch?

I do make hanging baskets from scratch. I can source the plant, compost, baskets & even plant feed for customers.

What do you consider when planting hanging baskets?

When planting up a hanging or wall basket you have to consider shape & form. Plants to consider would be trailing plants, taller plants for the middle of a basket or for the back of a wall basket. Complementary colours & the use of different foliage all add to an interesting basket. Use of compost with feed already in it gives them a good start & even compost with water retaining crystals in it really helps with keeping the plants hydrated as baskets dry out quickly. Different types of plants are used depending on the season as well.

Who would have hanging baskets?

Lots of different people have hanging baskets from people living in big houses, detached, semi-detached, even people living in flats with a balcony. Pubs & restaurants use hanging baskets to great effect.

Where can they hang from, what is safe to hang a flower basket from?

You can hang baskets from the eves of a house, purpose-made hooks are used as they are sturdy. Hanging basket hooks can go on brick walls & wooden frames.