Wildflower Planting

What is wildflower planting?

Wildflower planting is the process of planting an area with plants you would find in the wild, native to the country you live in. It is a very natural way of planting that attracts beneficial insects to the garden. The benefits include increased insect populations, increased wildlife, helping insect species to survive by giving them the flowers they need to get nectar from. Wildflowers are beautiful to look at & to observe them in situ is very relaxing & beneficial to good mental health.

Would it take over my whole garden or can it be contained?

Wildflowers can be contained in specific areas. If you find seeds have travelled & planted themselves in areas you don’t want them in you can dig them out & transplant them back to the area you want them in.

Do you need a big garden for wildflower planting?

You don’t necessarily need a big garden as you can mark out an area of any size to plant in. Wildflowers can even be grown in containers.