It has been a long time since I wrote my blog, the summer was not great was it?, weather wise, it has been better this autumn. The bedding plants & summer perennials have done better in the last couple of months than the ever did in the summer & some are still flowering which is nuts!

I am kind of waiting for the first frosts to appear so I can really start tidying up & closing the gardens down for winter. Today it is so wet & windy, I will just have to plan what seeds to grow for next Spring, always something to look forward to in gardening!

Vegetable wise my best successes were onions (always have success with them), beetroot, cucumber & late fruiting tomatoes. The potatoes weren’t great probably due to the weather & my runner beans did get badly attacked by blackfly. I was really chuffed with my cucumbers, they tasted lovely & sweet.

Not too much to report due to weather!

Till next time.