Well the summer has well and truly taken hold.  Everything is so dry though, the potatoes are looking good and so are the tomatoes, lots of trusses on them.  I am using tomato planters this time with a deep trough for the water, it waters them a lot more equally.  The carrots are trying to grow but my cat keeps sitting on them!!

Now is the time to dead head everything, so that you get flowers all summer long.  As it was so hot in April and May everything flowered too early and alot of flowers have finished, so dead head it all and you should get repeated flowering.  I have even noticed my mums Liquid amber tree is already turning autumnal colours, way too early.

Another job to do at this time is to feed everything, the compost used to pot it all up, whether it is veg or flowers in pots and hanging baskets will have run out of nutrients, so add a fertiliser, the best ones to use are the ones you water in.

Till next time.

Happy Gardening

Lucy @ Lucysgardens