Summer/Autumn 2014

Hi people! Have not been on my computer for a long time, way too busy! The summer has been so amazing, so hot that in┬áJuly it started to feel a bit different, the trees started to change colour a bit. I have loved the hot weather & became really used to it. Everything has just grown like crazy & now that we have had some rain the lawns are growing a lot. The veg plots are starting to come to an end sort of but I still have runner beans, lovely beetroot, my tomatoes have only just started to ripen which I am amazed at considering the amount of sunshine we have had, I am not alone though as other people I know have not had ripened tomatoes till now. The parsnips have yet to be harvested & some potatoes, although the latter didn’t do too well.

Speaking of the heat I was amazed to go to one of my customers who I only do a few times a year to find her amazing banana tree had a flower, a seed pot looking thing with small bananas growing. It has been brilliant to see it develop, I just think the heat really gave it an extra boost & the plant has positioned itself to have its only micro climate wedged between a Buddleia & some bamboo. I will enclose one of the best pictures of it. We ended up calling it ‘Audrey’ after the Triffid like plant in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’.

Till Sept.


Flower/seed pod from Banana tree Summer 2014

Flower/seed pod from Banana tree Summer 2014