Yay hay, the sun is out! So great to see it, although I did see some in Spain when I went for a few days. I have been mainly pulling lots of weeds out due to all the rain we have had, the weeds had a field day! Catching up on mowing lawns too, a lot of them had become so long, with some I had to strim them first. As it has been cold and wet for so long alot of the plants have been waiting in the wings, just waiting to come out, so some things have come out late. It may be safe now to put out the bedding plants, a lot of the nurseries have been holding them back as no one was buying any, but they will probably have a surge on now. I am still waiting till the end of May to put out my climbing beans, you never know a frost can be forecast in May.

I have lots of veg to put out, mainly beans, tomatoes and squashes, the potaotes I have grown in pots and will take them out the greenhouse when the risk of frost has past.

For now I will leave you with a picture of various succulents in different pots, waiting to go out in the sun.