Sustainable Vegi Spaces

Can you provide advice for me to start growing my own produce?

I can give advice on growing your own fruit & veg. I can advise on what to plant where good crop choices & varieties & complimentary crops that go well together.

Can I grow fruit & vegetables on my balcony?

You can grow some fruit & veg in small spaces like on a balcony. There are many dwarf fruit trees available. Vegetable & fruit you can grow in a small space would be things like micro tomatoes, small cucumbers, salad leaves, radishes, spring onions, garlic, small round carrots & climbing beans. You can’t grow everything in containers but there are now lots of smaller varieties of fruit & veg you can buy aimed at the small garden space.

Do I need to have a large garden to have a vegetable patch?

You don’t need to have a large garden. Even in smaller gardens, there is a way of planting that means you can grow vegetables. Two-metre by two-metre gardening is a way of growing veg in a small way. Quite a lot can be grown in this small amount of space, it just needs to be planned out correctly.

Vegetable patches can look so ugly, can I grow veg in my flowerbeds?

You can integrate flowers with vegetables, it’s often called companion planting. Certain flowers deter pests that will attack the veg plants. An example of this would be to plant marigolds next to carrots to deter the carrot root fly. It’s advisable to have flowers amongst a veg patch rather than the other way round although a wigwam of green beans can look fantastic in the middle of a flowerbed.