Valentine Gifts

Succulent in a vintage teacup and saucer
Red Hot Love
 Design varies.  Wired, red ribbon love heart with dried chilli in the centre



Beyond the Pail
Thyme for Love
 Succulents in cream vintage pail  Tin lavender pot with thyme

Wooden Heart

Cornus wood love heart




From Contemporary to Classic, our bespoke wreaths make a statement whatever style of house you have. All wreaths are hand crafted on a wire frame covered in moss, then different foliage is put on such as leylandii and different sorts of garden foliage. Then I put dried chillies or peppers or pumpkins on or dried fruit like oranges or apples with beautifully scented cinnamon sticks. As the finishing touch I add some Christmas picks such as faux apples/gold decoration/snowy bits.

The wreaths are 12″ in diameter and will be posted out First Class.

Red Pepper & Pumpkin wreath
Holly & Fir wreath
 Chillies, miniature dried pumpkins,
baby peppers and lotus heads.
 Holly leaves & berries, cotton buds,
firs and cinnamon sticks.



Classic Christmas wreath
Physalis & Cotton wreath
 Holly, Firs, Cones,
Cotton and Lotus heads
 Stunning orange Physalis, Cinnamon sticks,
cotton, firs and louts heads.

If you would like something tailor made such as a table decoration,
display for your mantelpiece or a larger wreath with specific plants
then please contact Lucy.
Orange, Lime & Cinnamon wreath

Dried Orange and Lime slices,
Cinnamon sticks.
Smells as delicious as it sounds!