Hi, well Halloween is nearly upon us & the nights will be drawing in but before all that I shall mention the lovely plants that are still flowering. The ‘Cosmos’ still look great, they will keep flowering until the first frosts if you keep dead heading them, same goes for the wonderful ‘Penstemons’ that are out. One of my favourite summer/autumn plants is a Hydrangea called ‘Pinky Winky’, it is a paniculata type Hydrangea and it starts off white, then turns a light pink, then as it approachs Autumn the flower heads turn an amaxing dark pink. So many different pastel shades on one flower and you can see the whole process top to bottom through the flower. I shall leave you with a picture of one. Next time my post will be Halloween based. If you are growing pumpkins be sure to cut back the foliage around the pumpkins so they can turn orange, they will not grow much more now.