Aah, Spring is here… at last, although it didn’t feel like it today-brrrr!  Walking around the gardens I can see so much that is out now, infact a bit too much is out too early, namely the April-May tulips out a few weeks too quick. Everything will be over together!  All the Daffodils and Narcissus have looked beautiful, I grow the miniature Narcissus, all different sorts of varieties.

I am also loving the snakes head ‘Fritillaria meleagris’, so stunning with its patterned petals, I shall enclose a picture I took of one of mine in the garden, I always mean to grow more and this autumn (blimey talking of autumn already!) I shall do!

The cherry blossom is nearly over too, that has looked beautiful, again out very early. Well next time I write it may have rained a bit more, the ground certainly needs it.