Well I have been ‘chitting’ the potatoes and have now planted some in sacks, 1st earlies. I like growing them in sacks as the potatoes come out cleaner and you can keep the plant in the sack to let the other potatoes left to develop. Next to be planted will be 2nd earlies and then I do have some red desiree potatoes that are main crop ones, they will go straight into the ground, as they will need longer to grow.

I have sown some spring onions in a long container & planted some pepper seeds. By the end of March I will probably have sown some tomatoes, more chillie peppers and then I will plant some runner beans, climbing beans and peas inApril, in pots. I have also been growing some Lavender, Delphiniums  & Echinacaea which have been over wintering in my green house.  So growing is happening as I type this, I love Spring and it isn’t quite here yet!

To pep it along here is a picture of some spring flowers.