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Beautiful Wisteria & Peony

The month of June has definitely started off with sunny outlook which is amazing, the gardens are looking really full & beautiful, I think everything was just waiting to blossom and boy has it!  The Wisterias look amazing, as do the Peony’s & Apple blossom.  I helped to prune a customers Wisteria & am really chuffed […]

Bluebells & blossom

Spring did finally pay us a visit, although it seems to be temporarily suspended judging by the cold weather at the mo, not sure the plants know what is going on. When taking the dog for a walk in the woods I was in awe of all the beautiful English Bluebells, so beautiful on mass. […]

Spring may finally be here!

Well things have certainly warmed up, thank god for that! I have noticed that all the flowers have perked up, the trees & shrubs are greening up & the birds are singing sweetly. The ground is still very saturated though which is making it hard to mow even though the wind blew dry the tops […]

Snow in March

Well we were all amazed at the intensity of the cold & snow on 11th March, it was a shock. All the daffodils were just started to open & wham! taken down by snow! They all look a bit sad now, I had just planted up some pots as well with Primroses & A ubrieta, […]

Please let Spring be here!

I really do hope Spring is waiting in the wings because the birds think it is Spring & so do the bulbs! It has been so damn cold for soooo long now, some sunshine would be appreciated! I haven’t being doing much in the gardens as everything is in suspended animation at the mo, just […]

Snowy snow snow

BRRRR! Lovely ole snow has arrived, must admit although I can not get out there in the gardens it does look beautiful, & it is great going sledging with the kids and a dog, all very funny! The ground underneath is pretty soft though, it wasn’t really frozen enough before it started snowing & so […]

January Gardens

Well 2012 is behind us & 2013 is starting out very mild, I see the bulbs are already poking their little heads out of the ground. I remember this last year & then it got cold in February so I wonder if the same will happen this year. The Hellebores are starting to show their flowers too, […]


Christmas Wreaths

OOh christmas is nearly upon us and I am starting to make my Christmas Wreaths, if anyone wants one just e mail me, I am taking orders now. they retail at £35 are all home made & last a long time. I am now tucking peoples gardens in for winter. Lots of leaves still blowing […]

Spotlight on ‘Coral Spot’

On my travels about Sussex I have noticed rather alot of the fungal disease ‘Coral Spot’, must be due to our wet Summer & Autumn! I thought I would write a bit about it and provide a picture so you know what to look for. Coral Spot is a fungal disease of woody plants causing branches […]


Happy Halloween from the garden! Not the best of weather for trick ‘n’ treating but I shall carve out my pumpkin anyway, I already have some knarled looking gourds decorating the hanging basket by my front door. I have been mostly tidying up for customers, the leaves are falling at a much quicker rate this […]