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Veg planting

Well I have been ‘chitting’ the potatoes and have now planted some in sacks, 1st earlies. I like growing them in sacks as the potatoes come out cleaner and you can keep the plant in the sack to let the other potatoes left to develop. Next to be planted will be 2nd earlies and then […]

March gardening

Today was a fantastically sunny day, really spring like, lots of big bumblebees flying about and the odd butterfly-hope it doesn’t turn cold again! I have been tidying customers gardens again, clearing away the last of the leaves, pruning some perennials and even tidying up after some hens that churned all the borders up! Everything […]

Looking forward to spring

It has been feeling spring like this week, not sure how long that feeling will last, but it has been good to see the buds on the trees and the ground after all that snow! Even the birds sound like spring may be just around the corner. Even if it isn’t, here is a picture that […]

Frosty days

My oh my it is cold out there at the moment, not much gardening for me at the mo, I look forlornly out the window at  my garden knowing I can not do much out there. Mind you the gardens do look beautiful in the frost and snow, which is why I am glad I left the […]

January garden

It has been a while since I wrote anything and Christmas has come and gone. I have a new online shop now which looks great and am slowly but surely adding things on to it like succulents in vintage tea cups, cornus love hearts for valentines, chillie love hearts and plants in various vintage style […]

More Christmas wreaths

The making of Christmas wreaths is really hotting up I can tell you, and they are a joy to make. People seem to really like the chilli ones and the orange & cinnamon ones are always good as they smell so divine.I tend to use all sorts of different foliage from the gardens, and seed […]

Christmas wreaths 2011

I have started to make Christmas wreaths, they are all slightly different. Some of them have orange slices and cinnamon sticks, the others have either chillies, or sprayed seed heads (ie hydrangea heads/poppy heads/physalis heads). I spray them silver or gold. I use foliage from the garden, variegated and glossy leaved plants to add variety. […]

Happy Halloween!

  OOOOhhhh, good ole Halloween is upon us again, carve out all those lovely pumpkins! I colllect some of the seeds for next year, I just dry them out on some kitchen towel and then put them in a little envelope in a cool/dry place till next spring, I always manage to get some to germinate. […]

Tucking up for winter

Time to tuck your garden up for the winter months! This is the time to start cutting back perennials that have finished, pruning back overgrown shrubs that have stopped growing so much and to sweep up those leaves! It is much better to sweep up the leaves from the lawn and borders as they encourage pest […]

Autumn gardening

  Blimey, what a scorcher today was, and the hot weather is to continue for the rest of the week I hear. Now is the time to purchase your spring flowering bulbs and get them planted in – right through October as well. Alliums are great for the spring garden, and you can just leave […]