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September Gardening

Blimey, September is proving to be a bit of a wet month at the mo.  Have managed to get some customers gardens done, even mowing believe it or not! Mind you everything does look rather green for having some rain. Still dead heading everything to just get the last lot of flowers before the weather […]

Succulent hanging baskets

This year I have been making succulent hanging baskets, they are easier to look after, do not need watering much and they look really exotic. I have made mine a little different though, I like all things kitsch and retro and so have incorporated this theme into my pot and basket designs. One of them […]

August gardening

Well we are in August now and everything is growing so much.  It is really important to keep up with the deadheading! Otherwise the roses and perennials will not continue flowering. I have become really into ornamental grasses this year, and am about to plant up a customers border with some beautiful grasses, and I […]

Summer Gardening

Well the summer has well and truly taken hold.  Everything is so dry though, the potatoes are looking good and so are the tomatoes, lots of trusses on them.  I am using tomato planters this time with a deep trough for the water, it waters them a lot more equally.  The carrots are trying to […]

Summer gardening has begun

Well the summer has arrived early and although there has been next to no rain the plants are doing very well.  Have noticed that  all the alliums finished a bit early and a lot of foxgloves are nearly over, probably because it has been so hot, they are setting their seed earlier than usual.  All […]

Spring time in Lucy’s Gardens

Well the sun has been shining and it has been a perfect time to get out there and do some gardening.  April is a fantastic time to start sowing those vegetable seeds.  Carrots/Parsnips and Beetroot are good to sow now, outside in the open ground or in containers if you have little space.  Other seed […]


Ahh, the sun has been shining all the way through April, amazing! Have planted a lot of seeds which are romping away now-Runner beans, climbing green beans, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, you name it I have planted it!  Loving the tulips as well, especially one that I tried last year called ‘Green Wave’, It emerges […]