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Hi, well Halloween is nearly upon us & the nights will be drawing in but before all that I shall mention the lovely plants that are still flowering. The ‘Cosmos’ still look great, they will keep flowering until the first frosts if you keep dead heading them, same goes for the wonderful ‘Penstemons’ that are […]


OOOH Autumn has definately arrived with a bang! Very windy and rainy today so no gardening today, I must say the plants need a really good drink though. I did a planting job the other day and am glad the newly planted border will get a lovely watering in. Instead of gardening I have been […]

Summer is nearing the end

Well we did get some sunshine in the end, whoopee! The flowers all look wonderful. Now is the time to start thinking about planting the veg patch for Autumn/Winter. Two of the best things to plant right now are Kale & Spinach. With Spinach you can cut tender new growth In Autumn and then leave […]


My word, I’ve been away from blogging for a while, so busy after all that rain I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write anything. I was parked up by the station in Horsham the other day and thought I would take some photos of the wonderful planting scheme the council have had planted. […]


Oh boy it has been a while since I posted on the blog but it has just been too hectic recently what with the rain making everything grow like crazy, and trying to keep up with it all. I also had my bathroom done and bought a beautiful white lab puppy! He is systematically destroying […]

Where did our summer go?

Well, what can I really say about our non existent summer, we had it good for a week and then that seems to be it for now, not impressed. Mind you all the plants are looking super healthy and green, although my tomatoes and Chillies are suffering & the annuals I planted are small. The […]

Sunny gardening

Yay hay, the sun is out! So great to see it, although I did see some in Spain when I went for a few days. I have been mainly pulling lots of weeds out due to all the rain we have had, the weeds had a field day! Catching up on mowing lawns too, a […]


Well this is the wettest drought I ever did see! Rain, Rain,Rain! On the plus side all the plants are looking so healthy & green, they all badly needed a drink, and a lot of the shrubs were looking very yellow. I have managed to get out there this week, even did some mowing which […]

Spring is here at last

Aah, Spring is here… at last, although it didn’t feel like it today-brrrr!  Walking around the gardens I can see so much that is out now, infact a bit too much is out too early, namely the April-May tulips out a few weeks too quick. Everything will be over together!  All the Daffodils and Narcissus have […]