Just have to put this picture up of a wonderful Cardoon at a customers garden, so gorgeous!

Oh boy it has been a while since I posted on the blog but it has just been too hectic recently what with the rain making everything grow like crazy, and trying to keep up with it all. I also had my bathroom done and bought a beautiful white lab puppy! He is systematically destroying my garden, bless him!!!!

I do have a great photo of him amongst my strawberries – I will try and upload it from my mobile.

I am pretty disappointed with the veg patch this year, nothing is doing that well, not even the runner beans who love the rain. No sun means no growing really and the bees are just not around to pollinate everything. It is all dull, dull, Dull!

Maybe Autumn will be sunny.

Hope more to report in a couple of weeks time.


Well, what can I really say about our non existent summer, we had it good for a week and then that seems to be it for now, not impressed. Mind you all the plants are looking super healthy and green, although my tomatoes and Chillies are suffering & the annuals I planted are small.

The biggest news for me is that I have a new 10 week old yellow labrador called Ralph. He is gorgeous, he is starting to become a little bit naughty, and I expect my whole garden will be eaten & dug up. I already have to pull him off my best border, he does like to eat the flowers!

My runner beans are doing quite well as well as the pototoes, they love all this rain.

Til next time, here is a picture of my lovely border which may not exist soon if the new pup gets his way!


Yay hay, the sun is out! So great to see it, although I did see some in Spain when I went for a few days. I have been mainly pulling lots of weeds out due to all the rain we have had, the weeds had a field day! Catching up on mowing lawns too, a lot of them had become so long, with some I had to strim them first. As it has been cold and wet for so long alot of the plants have been waiting in the wings, just waiting to come out, so some things have come out late. It may be safe now to put out the bedding plants, a lot of the nurseries have been holding them back as no one was buying any, but they will probably have a surge on now. I am still waiting till the end of May to put out my climbing beans, you never know a frost can be forecast in May.

I have lots of veg to put out, mainly beans, tomatoes and squashes, the potaotes I have grown in pots and will take them out the greenhouse when the risk of frost has past.

For now I will leave you with a picture of various succulents in different pots, waiting to go out in the sun.


Well this is the wettest drought I ever did see! Rain, Rain,Rain! On the plus side all the plants are looking so healthy & green, they all badly needed a drink, and a lot of the shrubs were looking very yellow. I have managed to get out there this week, even did some mowing which was good, as the lawns were a bit long. Whilst it has been raining I have been tending to my seedlings in the greenhouse and ‘pricking them out’, mainly little Lavender seedlings (munsted), Cosmos &  Zinnia. The runner beans are romping away, but they won’t be allowed out yet, not until any risk of frost has passed.

Other jobs that can be done whilst we are all waiting to get out into the garden are turfing out your old containers, get rid of the old compost (in the compost heap, or on the garden), and clean them out. If you find any white little grubs with brown heads, that will be the horrid old ‘vine weevil’. You must get rid of them completely as if left in the compost or on the garden they will eat all the roots of your plants and the plants will die. I have just planted up a raised bed for someone & it was full of vine weevil. So instead of turfing out all the old compost (there was alot of it) – I watered in some ‘Nematodes’, biological control. These little insects find the vine weevil and kill them basically. You often water them in during the late summer when the adult beetle (Vine beetle) has laid it’s eggs, but as there were some overwintering ones I used it now. So that should eradicate the vine weevil in the compost, I shall check it again in a few weeks.

Till next time,

Toodle Pip,


Aah, Spring is here… at last, although it didn’t feel like it today-brrrr!  Walking around the gardens I can see so much that is out now, infact a bit too much is out too early, namely the April-May tulips out a few weeks too quick. Everything will be over together!  All the Daffodils and Narcissus have looked beautiful, I grow the miniature Narcissus, all different sorts of varieties.

I am also loving the snakes head ‘Fritillaria meleagris’, so stunning with its patterned petals, I shall enclose a picture I took of one of mine in the garden, I always mean to grow more and this autumn (blimey talking of autumn already!) I shall do!

The cherry blossom is nearly over too, that has looked beautiful, again out very early. Well next time I write it may have rained a bit more, the ground certainly needs it.


Well I have been ‘chitting’ the potatoes and have now planted some in sacks, 1st earlies. I like growing them in sacks as the potatoes come out cleaner and you can keep the plant in the sack to let the other potatoes left to develop. Next to be planted will be 2nd earlies and then I do have some red desiree potatoes that are main crop ones, they will go straight into the ground, as they will need longer to grow.

I have sown some spring onions in a long container & planted some pepper seeds. By the end of March I will probably have sown some tomatoes, more chillie peppers and then I will plant some runner beans, climbing beans and peas inApril, in pots. I have also been growing some Lavender, Delphiniums  & Echinacaea which have been over wintering in my green house.  So growing is happening as I type this, I love Spring and it isn’t quite here yet!

To pep it along here is a picture of some spring flowers.

Today was a fantastically sunny day, really spring like, lots of big bumblebees flying about and the odd butterfly-hope it doesn’t turn cold again!

I have been tidying customers gardens again, clearing away the last of the leaves, pruning some perennials and even tidying up after some hens that churned all the borders up! Everything is now coming into bud, and it is all just waiting in the wings ready to burst open for spring-can’t wait! I have even started sowing some seeds, mainly Holly hocks, spring onions and Clematis seeds.

In the coming weeks I will be sowing more seeds.


It has been feeling spring like this week, not sure how long that feeling will last, but it has been good to see the buds on the trees and the ground after all that snow! Even the birds sound like spring may be just around the corner. Even if it isn’t, here is a picture that will make you feel like spring is on it’s way.

My oh my it is cold out there at the moment, not much gardening for me at the mo, I look forlornly out the window at  my garden knowing I can not do much out there. Mind you the gardens do look beautiful in the frost and snow, which is why I am glad I left the seed heads on some of my perennials and grasses, they look stunning in the frost.

This cold snap is set to continue but there are things that I can do inside, like ‘chit’ my seed potatoes and even sow some salad onions and hardy lettuce under cover, and of course, sort out my seed packets ready for planting. I shall leave you with a gorgeous photo of cow parsley in the snow!