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It has been a while since I wrote anything and Christmas has come and gone. I have a new online shop now which looks great and am slowly but surely adding things on to it like succulents in vintage tea cups, cornus love hearts for valentines, chillie love hearts and plants in various vintage style pots.

I have also been utilising old work boots and planting succulents in them, they grow really well in them. The lovely old watering cans get planted up too, a really good way to use up ones with holes in the bottom!

The winter garden is looking bleak but I did leave lots of seed heads on the plants and didn’t cut away anything really and it is a joy to see the local birds pecking at them and finding the bugs hibernating amongst them, really glad I left it untouched now.

Till next timex

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OOOOhhhh, good ole Halloween is upon us again, carve out all those lovely pumpkins! I colllect some of the seeds for next year, I just dry them out on some kitchen towel and then put them in a little envelope in a cool/dry place till next spring, I always manage to get some to germinate. I love carving pumpkins, sometimes I use a stencil, but this year I made it up a bit.

I have noticed that the leaves on the trees have all of  a sudden changed colour. They were green for ages and then they just changed within a week, I wonder if they will also drop quickly. My work, at the moment is consisting mainly of sweeping up leaves and debris, I sometimes wish the leaves would just drop all in one go, then the sweeping up would be all over and done with.

Now is the time to really tidy up the garden and tuck it in for winter. The runner and climbing beans can be cut down, but leave the roots in as the nodules on the roots will fix nitrogen in the soil. Remove all dead foliage and leaves off the borders, if left it will encourage pests and disease. Any standing upright perennials like ornamental grasses can be left for hibernating insects and they will look nice with the frost on them.

Happy Halloween

Lucys Gardens

Time to tuck your garden up for the winter months! This is the time to start cutting back perennials that have finished, pruning back overgrown shrubs that have stopped growing so much and to sweep up those leaves! It is much better to sweep up the leaves from the lawn and borders as they encourage pest and disease if left, and also the grass will not grow so well and turn yellow. I do leave some perennial  seed heads for overwintering insects like ladybirds and the birdslike to peck at the seeds when things turn cold out there. The seed heads I leave are Fennel, Japanese anemone,Allium, ornamental grasses,buddleia and verbena. They also look good when the frost and dew are on them, it doesw look decorative during the winter months.

One of the most important jobs in late autumn is to prune the roses so they do not rock in the winter winds. Cut them to third of their size, taking out crossing and diseased branches. They will need another prune in the very early spring.

Right I off to plan my seed planting for spring already!


Blimey, what a scorcher today was, and the hot weather is to continue for the rest of the week I hear.

Now is the time to purchase your spring flowering bulbs and get them planted in – right through October as well. Alliums are great for the spring garden, and you can just leave them in afterwards as well and they will multiply. I will be planting some more tulips again, I really tend to go for the dark crimsons, magenta, and apricot colours, they work so well together.

Other bulbs to put in now are onion/shallot sets and garlic. I always grow mine over winter, they are great to just leave in and cover the ground during the winter months, Leeks are also good to put in now- they break up clay soils and again keep the ground covered. I have also put in some winter broccoli, and have autumn potatoes in big pots, so I can bring them into the greenhouse during the frosts.

I have been really hard at work recently, everyones lawns are growing at a mad rate! Soon those leaves will be falling and I will be sweeping, sweeping, sweeping!!

Till next time

Lucy@ Lucys Gardens

Blimey, September is proving to be a bit of a wet month at the mo.  Have managed to get some customers gardens done, even mowing believe it or not! Mind you everything does look rather green for having some rain. Still dead heading everything to just get the last lot of flowers before the weather turns really cold. Must harvest my potatoes, tomatoes (which have now finally ripened), carrots, shallots and runner beans.

Will be thinking about Christmas hanging baskets, pots and wreaths soon, my friend wants some for her shop in Steyning which will be good. Can not believe I am thinking about Christmas already!

This year I have been making succulent hanging baskets, they are easier to look after, do not need watering much and they look really exotic. I have made mine a little different though, I like all things kitsch and retro and so have incorporated this theme into my pot and basket designs. One of them has been lined with sheeps wool, great liner for baskets, looks different, keeps the roots warm and birds love taking bits of it for their nests, so helping the local wildlife too.

Well we are in August now and everything is growing so much.  It is really important to keep up with the deadheading! Otherwise the roses and perennials will not continue flowering. I have become really into ornamental grasses this year, and am about to plant up a customers border with some beautiful grasses, and I shall put up a picture when it is done.  Infact all the grasses have done really well this year, they don’t mind it a bit dry.

The vegetable garden is now beginning to produce, I put the runner beans in late and so they are only just showing me some beans! The parsnips look massive but the tomatoes are late and are not ripening at all! Lots of potatoes need to be dug as they have now flowered.

I shall sign off for now but will return with pics of recently planted border for a customer and the border full of ornamental grasses.